Which Social Media Channel Should I Choose for Advertising?

Which Social Media Channel Should I Choose for Advertising?

Which Social Media Channel Should I Choose for Advertising? The options are many, the alternative combinations even more but you have to choose to promote your business on this or these social networks that can really help you achieve your business goals and fit your business profile. Before making decisions read, search, think… .you must be sure that you will make the right choice.

Below you will find a brief analysis of the most popular Social Media networks that companies usually choose to promote.

Facebook: The king of social media!

With more than 2 billion active users per month, Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms not only for ordinary users but also for businesses. Here companies like yours share photos, news & tips, videos, inform people about events & invite them to participate, run contests, create their own online community and much more.

Almost all users of social networks are now on Facebook. You should be here as well, as it has become a basic tool for Social Media and digital marketing. And last but not least, Facebook, through Facebook ads, gives you the opportunity to advertise your business in a targeted and effective way to the audience you choose.

Twitter: With small but comprehensive messages that spread your news!

You may have heard the phrase: If you want something to be learned quickly, upload it on twitter! And yes, it does! Twitter is the social network that quickly and easily spreads news, news, developments. It is faithfully followed by more than 310 million registered users, who are growing daily. With 175 million new tweets daily, the tweeter is the most “news” social media medium you can choose to present the news of your business.

LinkedIn: The Social Media Network with Business ID and DNA.

It really differs from other Social Media channels as from the beginning it was designed to be used by professionals and companies Professionals use it mainly to present their professional experience and action.

For companies, on the other hand, it is an extension of their corporate presentation, while they use it to promote their news and actions but also to hire staff or partners.

If your audience is entrepreneurs or other B2B companies, then LinkedIn is the right way to get active. It also offers very interesting & alternative advertising solutions through LinkedIn ads, which you can use in your BTB promotion.

The number of active LinkedIn users per month is more than 106 million, a number that is particularly good for such a specialized platform.

YouTube: Forget TV, Discover YouTube

YouTube is the world’s leading social media platform for watching or sharing VIDEO. Businesses use it to create their own YouTube channel, which is branded and hosts all the videos or playlists that a brand or business wants to share with the general public.

YouTube is the most popular Social Media Network, not only in Greece but all over the world with 1 billion (yes billion) unique users every month.

If you want to advertise your business, do not choose TV but YouTube. It benefits you and gives you specific, measurable results. And don’t forget, your presence on YouTube also strengthens your position in Google search results, as since 2006 YouTube has been acquired by the Google giant.

Pinterest: It’s all about photos

Pinterest is a Social Media network with a special character. The protagonists here are the images. More specifically, Pinterest users, instead of posting content with text and combining it with an image or video, post only images that they can accompany with a short caption.

If your product is something tangible and you have rich photographic material, organize them in boards (ie in thematic tables) and start. Users simply pin them to your pictures, share them with their friends and so your photos start their own Online journey.

Brands and companies operating on Pinterest usually deal with clothing and footwear, decoration, tourism, beauty, entertainment and other lifestyles by category.

Instagram: Best for mobile use

Instagram started as a social networking application with the goal of sharing photos and videos through a smartphone

Today it has evolved, incredibly, and is now a dominant social media channel, always maintaining its photographic character and style. You can enjoy Instagram in full development and use only from your mobile phone, since the Desktop version gives you limited possibilities. Posts, for example, can only be made from a mobile or tablet and not from a desktop computer.

Instagram users have exceeded 600 million people and about 70% of them are people aged 15-35.
Its basic principles are the followers (how many users follow you), the following users (how many users you follow) but also the hashtags (#).

Instagram users are really active, as they are 58 times more likely to share an Instagram post than one from Facebook and 120 times more likely than a Twitter post. Are you looking for a young audience to spread your message? You will find it on Instagram.

Instagram has been acquired by Facebook and for some time now it has been giving the possibility of targeted advertising, similar to Facebook.