SEO Basics: Search engines and the people behind it

SEO Basics: Search engines and the people behind it

SEO, the well-known acronym that has flooded the internet in recent years, refers to the way in which the search engine, the so-called “Google bot” will read a page and judge whether it is suitable to be placed on the first page of the search engine.

So what people are we talking about when we talk about Bots?

SEO Basics

SEO is a “game” of search engines and depending on how the game is “played” there are corresponding engines. In most countries, Google has flooded the market share, while in Russia Yandex monopolizes and Baidu in China. Finally a relatively small portion of Americans are looking at Bing as they love microsoft!

But behind the search engines is always the human factor, a group of people, the engineers as Google calls them, who design its algorithm and are constantly trying to evolve it.

On the other hand, having a website appear in the top 10 results of the engine is of great commercial importance as it brings sales (indirect or direct) to businesses. So all the professionals are trying to get into the top ten.

This is where the search for the SEO-man of the person who knows how the search engines work or the group of people who will deal with a website begins. SEO is not a simple technique but the evolution of traditional marketing as it takes a large team to implement a project.

So if we talk about the people behind SEO we will find

SEO manager

He is the person who will organize the whole team and will draw up the SEO strategy. It will monitor the progress of the project and will inform the client about the progress of its website orally and through a monthly Report. It should also educate the customer in the basic concepts of SEO in order for the customer to understand the importance of the service he has purchased.

Web Developer

He is the person who will help solve technical issues of the website, will study if there are server errors and will solve 403, 404 errors always with the correct guidance of a Seo expert. In addition it will undertake the implementation of possible redirections that will occur and anything else related to the html code.

SEO copywriter

The copywriter will undertake the writing of articles around the client’s subject. He should study the industry, find the right sources, put passion and imagination and create original and attractive content for the online visitor.

SEO Specialist

He is the person who will deal with finding the right words and phrases (keyword research), one of the most basic parts of the strategy as a wrong targeting can cost a lot of money and time. It will also need to make all the onsite changes, to titles, descriptions, images, headings and more.

Link building Specialist

The term is informal, as we usually refer to the profession that covers the duties of an SEO specialist. The expert should create quality links from a site with credibility. You need to get in touch with webmasters, news sites, directories and try to gain links to each customer’s website.

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All of the above, make up the SEO team, if we want to be precise in the people involved in an SEO project. These people of course do not deal with a project of 2-3 keywords and with low traffic volume. There are websites that work large teams from behind especially in online stores.

Therefore SEO is not an individual but a collective effort that must be made by a group of people who combine their knowledge to achieve the result.

So when you hear about automated systems and work from one man show types you should know that you will not receive serious SEO services but only an aspect Search Engine Optimization.