3 tips to make your own logo!

3 tips to make your own logo!

Many small businesses or startups often design their logos without the help of a graphic designer.
When creating your own logo, it is important to understand what will make it successful.

Keep in mind that the simpler it is, the better. While many believe that the wide variety of elements in a logo attracts interest, on the contrary it ends up completely disorienting the recipient. The modern buying public does not have the time and inclination to really notice a logo. Therefore it must have so much information that it can be etched in the memory at a glance.

Here are three helpful tips to help you make your own logo.

Tip # 1: Choose a font

It is good that the font you choose is at the same time special and legible. Where can you find fonts? You can search for fonts on various websites by placing in the search engines the features you want (minimal, calligraphy, graffiti, etc.).

Alternatively try different font types very easily via Google fonts. There you will find a wide variety of fonts with Latin, but also several with Greek characters. Most are available in different styles (thin, light, bold etc), so do not rush to discard some of them if you do not try them.

Extra tip: Use up to two fonts!

The most special of the two will frame the company’s name. If you have an explanatory phrase, it is good to write it in a simple font and in a much smaller size.

Tip # 2: Find the perfect color

Color is one of the most important factors in a logo. Learn about the importance of colors and choose the most suitable for your business. Briefly, state that each color corresponds to an emotion as follows:

  • white = peace, purity
  • yellow = optimism
  • orange = fun
  • red = passion
  • pink = femininity, purity
  • purple = mystery
  • blue = reliability
  • green = growth
  • coffee = seriousness
  • gray = neutrality
  • black = power

The important thing is to remember that no color is wrong, as long as it reflects the character of the company.

Also, you do not necessarily have to choose a very special color. Start testing with more popular colors, such as black. It may help to have some prints on A4 paper to see the designs as a whole.

Extra tip: Do not use more than two colors!

While a professional could easily handle a range of colors in a logo, it does not mean that it is easy.
Put the most intense color in the brand and a softer shade in the explanatory phrase.

Also, if the name consists of two words you can play with the colors again.

Tip # 3: Give it the right shape

When designing your brand, you need to consider what media it will be used in. A logo is usually placed on:

  • product packaging
  • websites
  • social media profiles
  • various prints

Depending on where you place it, you can choose the corresponding shape, creating a square, round, oval or rectangular composition. To decide you can try many different layouts until you find the one that suits you best.

The best way to find out if your logo is ready is to ask your acquaintances and friends! But you need their honest opinion! Just making positive comments, just to thank you, will not help the process.