Linkedin content strategy for businesses

Linkedin content strategy for businesses 2020

In recent years, LinkedIn has become the place for marketers, founders and entrepreneurs in general. The interesting thing here is that LinkedIn is not dominated exclusively by celebrities or big business, even “normal” people have. This means that there are many opportunities for almost anyone, as long as an effective Linkedin content strategy for businesses 2020 is developed.

If you are interested in developing your LinkedIn profile by increasing the Engagement in the content you upload then here are some tips that can help you.

Successful Linkedin content strategy for businesses 2020

1) Identify your audience

You may not have many links on LinkedIn right now, and that’s okay.

What we are trying to do here is to develop a better idea of ​​the people we want to connect with and talk to. It’s basically like making Customer Personas. However, the type of content we create on LinkedIn will be different from our blog!

Usually, we can divide it into three types of audience:

  1. General Professionals
  2. Professionals in your field
  3. Potential customers


A. General Professionals

Content that usually goes viral on LinkedIn and targets a very general audience. It talks about something common to people, and since there are so many connections, content engagement reaches the clouds.

No matter what industry you are in, this type of content should be at least a small part of your content marketing strategy. It is relatively easy to create and often includes short stories, lessons and general career tips.

B. Professionals in your field

It is natural for professionals in your field to be attracted by your content. Ultimately, the issues you discuss should be extremely similar to each other, as you face the same problems at work and possibly similar expectations.

When you are looking for solutions in Linkedin content strategy for businesses or trying to solve a specific problem, professionals in the field will be able to help you and vice versa. That’s where your opportunity arises !!!

While these people may not be buying your product, it is important to have them on your network.

If you create content that is mediocre and above, you will have engagement, which will lead to more links and potential customers.

Quentin Ford offers a great example. It constantly provides tips and updates that are useful to other Facebook advertisers. This helps to establish oneself as a leader in this respective category.

C. Potential customers

The best way to attract potential customers is to do a great job before working with them.

If you can create amazing content that blends nicely with your product offering, you will be able to attract potential customers in the long run. Customers are looking for a solution, often a one-time solution.

Therefore, they may not give you the attention you want, but when looking for a solution to a problem, you will be the first person looking.

Especially in B2B, this is extremely valuable. In fact, according to a HubSpot study, LinkedIn is 277% more effective at generating lead generation than Facebook and Twitter. This means that delivering relevant content for your offer is a great long-term strategy.

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2) Tell stories Storytelling

Tell your story on LinkedIn!

What better way to connect with other people than to tell stories? Both achievements and failures. By exposing ourselves, opening ourselves to our audience and telling stories about our experiences, we can naturally build trust and gain a loyal follower.

It’s amazing that some people have created a long list of followers out of nothing just by documenting their story on LinkedIn. And the beauty of what they have done is that both the good and the bad side appear.

People are empathetic and with stories of failure or success, they are inspired!

We need to understand that humans want to connect and interact with other people on issues that are inherently human and not robotic. We can all create stories. Don’t be afraid to add stories to your Linkedin content strategy for businesses as your links will reward you for it.