Ecommerce platforms – which are the best ones?

Ecommerce platforms – which are the best ones?

There are several ecommerce platforms on which you can base your business online store. Definitely a difficult decision since each of the available options offers its own advantages and disadvantages.

In today’s article we will try to provide you with a detailed picture of the best content management systems in which your online store can be developed. The right choice plays a crucial role in the overall success of an eshop, while it should depend on the needs of each business.


An eshop platform is essentially a content management system, also known as a CMS from the English terminology Content Management System. That is, a management environment, through which the respective manager can easily process his online store, products, orders, etc. without even having to have any programming knowledge.

The number of available platforms for eshop construction is many. However based on statistics, the best options are 5.

  1. OpenCart
  2. CS-Cart
  3. Woocommerce
  4. PrestaShop
  5. Magento

From the list above, we singled out the first three platforms, as Magento is a fairly specialized option that requires specialized knowledge and a fairly high amount of initial investment, while PrestaShop is a choice for small businesses as its capabilities are more limited compared to with the other eshop platforms.

Let’s see some more detailed information:


OpenCart is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms, as it is a reliable choice for both small and medium-sized businesses. It is an open source CMS which is quite easy to use and offers thousands of extensions for further upgrade.

Of course, this platform has all the basic functions of an eshop, such as categorization and product filters, discount coupons and offers, etc. The additional advantages that make OpenCart one of the most popular eshop platforms are:

  • As a platform it is free.
  • It offers all available payment methods.
  • Easy to use and user friendly.
  • It can support businesses of all sizes.
  • With the right configurations it is SEO friendly.


CS-Cart is the second best choice if you are looking for a reliable and efficient e-commerce platform. It is also an open source software, offering a huge variety of add-ons and themes. Its optical processor offers you the ability to edit your online store easily and quickly without any knowledge. While one of the main advantages it offers is the possibility for multiple eshop which are controlled through the same management environment. In summary, the advantages offered by CS-Cart are:

  • It is very friendly and easy to manage.
  • Provides all the necessary functions of an online store.
  • Offers various useful SEO and Marketing tools.
  • Modifying the appearance of the page is quite easy.
  • Easy connection with Greek banks for payment by card.
  • Possibility for any kind of payments.
  • It can meet the needs of any business.
  • It offers the possibility to interconnect many stores.


WooCommerce is not an independent eshop platform but a WordPress add-on, one of the most popular CMS in web design. Simply put, a WordPress website with the installation of the WooCommerce plugin, automatically acquires all the functions of an online store.

Certainly the number of online store owners who choose this platform is very large. Besides, it can support any kind of online store quite effectively. However, one of the reasons why our company does not choose this content management system often enough is the numerous security vulnerabilities that it occasionally presents, resulting in a very large number of websites and eshops falling victim to hacking.

More or less this is the most basic information you need to know about eshop platforms. But as mentioned above, the final choice depends on the needs of your business.