Affiliate marketing? Easy money or just a scam?

Affiliate marketing? Easy money or just a scam?

So like all digital marketing practices, whether it is profitable or fraudulent depends on how one applies it. For this and in this article I will describe 4 successful tactics of Affiliate Marketing that all the well-known of the genre apply and prove conclusively that this model is anything but a scam. Let’s start by giving a brief definition first.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a Performance-based Marketing model. In this model, then, there are three components:

  1. the advertiser (or Merchant / Advertiser),
  2. the affiliate (or otherwise Publisher),
  3. the Affiliate platform that connects these two.

The relationship of the advertiser with the Affiliate is quite simple at the first level. The Affiliate, through targeted and useful (ideally) content, promotes the products of the first and sends traffic to the advertiser’s site through an affiliate link. If one of these visitors makes a purchase, then the Affiliate gets a commission on the purchase.

The advertiser, on the other hand, pays a commission to the affiliate only each time the agreed goal is achieved. Usually this goal is to sell but sometimes it is not limited to just that, as it can be just registering somewhere.

How Do I Do Affiliate Marketing?

So practically, Affiliate Marketing can be done by anyone who has a site / blog or a social media account (and a large audience of course). The model is based on market acquisition through the sharing and strategy of placing an affiliate link within useful content (of course it is much more complex in later stages).

Affiliate Marketing companies are the ones that provide Affiliate with the platform, in which he can enter and find the products he will promote, as well as all the advertising means to achieve this (text links, banners, etc.). The most well-known such Affiliate Marketing platform in Greece is Linkwise, as this model is anything but widespread in the Greek market compared to abroad.

Companies like Amazon, however, which has its own Affiliate program and an entire army of Affiliates, rely heavily on it to maximize their profits. One industry that is heavily associated with hardcore Affiliate Marketing practices is Online Gambling, in which I am currently working.

To do Affiliate Marketing and be effective you need to know how to move and what to avoid. No one will hear you shout “buy this product NOW before it runs out” amid the incredible noise of the Internet.

Four all-time classic Affiliate Marketing strategies

This Marketing model is terribly competitive, so to become an Affiliate and see real results and profitability it is good to know what it does. Affiliate Marketing is not a scam, but it certainly takes time and a lot of effort until you start to see deposits increase. Below I quote what my experience so far has shown.

Promote products that you know and really like:

Like all things in life, if you do not like something or do not know it well enough, it will be seen and you will not have the desired results. So you need to choose products and an industry that you are interested in and know in depth, and not promote products that you think are popular or will lead to easier sales.

The most common mistake in Affiliate Marketing is to go for the “Quick buck” as the Americans say. Users who come to product review sites are very specialized many times, so they will understand at once if you do not know well what you are talking about.

Also, do not forget that your competitors’ sites may well have been checked, which will exacerbate this problem if their content is better. One type of Review content that works very well in several industries is Head-to-Head. That is, articles that compare two competing products, listing the pros and cons of each, concluding which is the best (usually the one from which the Affiliate will be paid, of course).

Invest in SEO:

Affiliate Marketing sites are, for the most part, sites that target sales through organic traffic, so they try to attract as many visitors as possible from the search engines. Consequently, SEO and all its aspects (On-Page, Off-Page, Technical) are absolutely important for such a site to rise higher in the organic results for keywords that will bring it profits.

The Content of Affiliate sites must always be optimized and built around such keywords, in all its On-Page aspects. Also, one thing these sites always do is hard-core search for quality backlinks to boost their Off-Page SEO, as well as make improvements in all their technical aspects, such as loading speed, site architecture or problems. indexing by search engines.

The competition in the field of SEO between Affiliate sites is huge, but fortunately there are various tools that help you learn what strategies the competitor implements and copy them. In conclusion, the only sure thing is that since Affiliate Marketing relies heavily on SEO, the profits from it are neither quick nor easy, as is SEO itself.

Create original content that really informs, not just sells:

Some Affiliates choose to be clear about the fact that they make money from the content they produce, while others do not. The only sure thing is that all the successful gurus of the site create content that is extremely interesting, gives essential information and value to the user. The worst thing you can do in this case is to post Content that makes it all too obvious that you are making a profit. You do not need 77 CTAs per page, nor annoying pop-ups and banners, as they are not the ones that will make people trust you and buy the product you suggest. What is required here is to establish yourself as an objective and reliable judge who knows what he is talking about and does it through original content that users can not find elsewhere. What helps me personally as an Affiliate Marketer to achieve this is to think that I am not just trying to sell, but to help users by quoting objective reviews that weigh the pros and cons.

Build an email list:

In an ideal world, all users who enter an affiliate site make the conversion we want at once, and they lived well and we better and richer. But because reality is far from it and many users will not convert at once, creating an offering to get their mail and then be able to send them newsletters with useful content or exclusive offers that will interest them is all -time classic strategy in affiliate marketing.

Just make sure the point where you put the registration form is visible and the page does not have 2-3 other CTAs asking them to do different things, as in the end they will end up doing none. How well they will be listed on your list also has a lot to do with how tempting the exchange is, as well as how much they trust you as a site.

Above all, Affiliate Marketing, like all other models, is based on a relationship of trust between the marketer and the public. Relationships that obviously have not been built by all those who call it a scam.

On the other hand, this certainly does not mean that it is associated with easy profit or that it does not take some time until you start seeing results.

Like everything in marketing, it takes a way, time, to learn from your mistakes and to get stronger again.