9 email marketing tips

9 email marketing tips

Email marketing is an effective way of communicating that brings results. We must also not forget an inexpensive way to promote your brand. If you want to be a successful email marketer it is important to know that your subscribers are opening the emails you send.

If your audience does not open your email, it is impossible for them to take action, such as clicking to come to your website and making a purchase. But how do we get them to open your emails? There are 9 basic ways that we will see below.

Email Marketing tips for better results

1. Choose a headline that interests the reader. In the subject line try to use the name of the person who can provide referrals, someone you can refer to or someone the potential customer knows.

2. Get into the topic. Your message should not exceed two or three sentences. The shorter it is the more likely it is to be understood and the other person to act on it.

3. Use the person’s name in the body of the message. Otherwise, he may consider it an email addressed to thousands of people.

4. Emphasize what you have in common with the potential customer. If you can say that your company cooperates with other companies in the field where the reader is active.

5. Do not try to sell. Do not include lengthy suggestions on how great your company is. Make it clear that the purpose of this email is to determine a next step (possibly a meeting).

6. Do not harass the person with messages. Send one email a week at most. If the person says they do not want to receive more emails do not send more.

7. Do not aim at your life to persuade this person to respond to your message. After three attempts to reach by email stop.

8. Include an offer. Save them money. Do you often send offers by email? – Groupon does this on a frequent basis. Your email should convey a specific message that helps your customer save money. Free shipping on product shipments, free services, offers and gifts should be on a frequent basis.

9. Give them useful instructions and tips. The slogan “People always want to learn” has been embraced by many email marketers and the reason they have successful campaigns is because they do the same. Send them articles to hone their skills, newsletters, news, or even free online courses. In this way you create a relationship of trust with the recipients of your email in order to turn them into your customers.

Try the above simple tips and you are sure to have a successful email marketing campaign.