5 Tips for choosing the right stock photo

5 Tips for choosing the right stock photo

Images are important means of communication as it is the first point of contact with our audience and the means by which we convey our message. Many companies use stock photos, a quick and effective way to achieve their communication goals. This is not a ban, as long as the photos are selected correctly.


The first thing we need to think about when looking for a photo is what exactly we want to say to our audience. Do we want to be straightforward with a literal image or do we want to get our message across? Do we want to sell or build relationships with our audience?


A good stock photo should seamlessly link our message to the user. The most effective way is through invoking emotion. What do we want the user to feel? Joy; Nostalgia; Compassion; Push to react? Calm; Enthusiasm? The emotions that a photograph should depict, however, should be taken care of so that they look natural and not excessive or comical, unless that is our purpose.


The human brain has a specific part of it that responds only to faces. Therefore, photos with people more easily attract attention and increase our conversion rate.


A photo to be attractive, must have high resolution, good lighting, harmonious colors and proper focus on the points that interest us. Also, if we are going to choose a lot of photos, it is very important that they have similar lighting to look like a set.


Photography is important to bring out something modern and relevant to our subject in its current state. If the user feels that something is out of date, he will most likely ignore it because it looks like something he is no longer interested in. Of course, there are cases when we want to bring out the feeling of another era, in order to create a feeling of nostalgia.