5 essential skills for a modern Digital Marketer

5 essential skills for a modern Digital Marketer

Marketing is now a field that requires a lot of general and specific knowledge and skills. It is so multidimensional that the one who practices it must be correspondingly multi-talented. Marketing has to do with understanding the needs of the customer and their satisfaction. It has nothing to do with direct selling but with building trust between the brand and the customer who will then make a purchase.

The same goes for digital marketing. Just all this “give-and-take”, all this communication is done electronically, through some platform or some tools. And while the basic skills for a marketer have not changed (communication, curiosity, empathy, etc.), formal qualifications have changed a lot.

In this article we will look at the five key skills that are essential to success in the modern corporate landscape.

1. Copywriting / Content Writing

The text is the written parts that aim to promote a product (or brand or service) or to lead to action. Given the number of online channels that now exist, writing skills are absolutely essential. Emails, landing pages, event invitations, paid ads, social media posts, chat bots, product descriptions — all require text writing.

Copywriting requires a different kind of skill than writing text for a blog or a technical manual for example because it must be able to capture attention, communicate value and inspire action in a limited number of words or in a very small space. At the same time, it requires moving quickly and adapting from one customer’s needs to another, taking into account target audiences, platforms and a host of other things.

We remind here that good text has flow, is enjoyable to read and arouses interest. It needs neither to impress nor to persuade.

2. SEO

Search engines are a key part of a customer’s journey, and this applies to almost every type of business. Whether they are looking for a hair salon, jewerly store, or comparing the features of one car with another, consumers are looking in search engines for information that will help them make thorough purchasing decisions.

Therefore, it is a key skill to be able to show a business in the relevant searches. SEO is a complex subject and includes both technical and creative elements, which means that it alone requires a huge list of skills. So, one must know how to create and promote useful content, how to create effective listings but also how to build a site.

3. Email Marketing

The simple, classic, known to all of us email, which we have been using for many years, For every $ 1 spent on email marketing they return $ 40! In short, it is amazing.

As it does everything and it is profitable it is very widespread in the world of marketing. See some of the ways to use: conversions, consumer information, loyalty building, sending exclusive offers, event invitations, useful content, reviving forgotten customers, and more.

We can not speak for a marketing professional and does not know about email marketing. Build and use his lists to add value to his work and ultimately achieve his goals.

4. PPC


The benefits of having a business rank first in search results are more than obvious. However, it takes time for this to happen. One way to gain direct exposure is through PPC advertising. This type of ad ensures that a business is displayed on the front page but the business pays for every click the ad receives. More money does not mean more appearances.

The parameters that affect the display are the quality of the ad and its relevance. These two indicators belong to the skills that the modern marketer must have. It is not enough to know how to distribute the available budget, he needs to know what words he will target, the channels and the way he will use them, as well as how to create meaningful experiences for his audience. On the other hand, the better the advertising, the less it costs and the more profits!

PPC advertising is not just about search engines. The same practice is applied on social media and on websites and applications, etc. So it is an absolutely necessary skill.

5. Conversion Rate Optimization

It is the last of the at least five basic prerequisites that the marketer must have.

Why do the above four if you send people to your site and they do not just look at it without taking the slightest action? This is exactly where the fifth skill is needed!

Conversion is the action we want the visitor of each page to take (whether it is a purchase, or downloading a free guide, or subscribing to the newsletter list, or getting an offer). There are a number of factors that affect whether the visitor will take any action and the CRO is trying to find the conditions under which maximum commitment will be achieved.

The CRO includes skills such as: A / B testing, conversion funnel, bounce rate while the marketer should be familiar with the elements of the page that affect a conversion, such as: creative, call to action, page layout, colors, button position, speed, site structure, site navigation and more.