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4 Small SEO Tips to Improve Your Online Presence

SEO is one of the best ways to improve your company’s online presence. However, the process requires enough knowledge and time to start producing significant results. In today’s article we have prepared a list of small SEO tips to improve your online presence and get on top of Google’s Search resutls.

Best Small SEO Tips

Below you will find the top 4 seo tips to improve your website’s serp results:

Avoid “Duplicate Content”

Wikipedia may be a good tool to develop our knowledge but it is definitely not a good tool to copy ready-made texts on our site. This means that you should develop unique content on your site, and avoid reproducing ready-made information that already exists on the internet.

Be careful with Internal Links

Now everyone knows that internal links that link different pages within your site help your ranking. However, an excessive number from one page to another has the opposite effect.

Basically, the way Google thinks is that since page A is full of links that end in B, C, D, E, this means that A does not offer any extra information so it has no reason to exist, so let’s put it in the 28th page 😊

Page Title & Meta Description

Here we are at a point where we have to decide on the image of our business on Google. In short, what exactly will appear in the organic results.

Of course, in this case you should not include false information aimed at clicks and high CTR (eg all in incredible offers -50%), it is understood that we will have the opposite effect.

What you need to do is do a good research with keywords that have a high volume so as to enhance our presence on Google. Be careful not to put the same words in Page Title and Meta Description.

Backlinks – small seo tips

Try to have an online presence on other pages with high authority, with links that lead to yours. This is definitely very important and affects the ranking you will have. Backlinks were always the number 1 factor of SEO. and it still is.

As you understand these are just a few but important moves you can make to improve the image of your website.

However, SEO is evolving daily and many things are changing. This is the reason why on the internet you can find infinite material without negating the other. It’s just that better and better techniques are coming out.

Google changes a lot of things and of course you have to watch them so that you do not apply older techniques where they may have the opposite effect.